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Month: March, 2012

Making-Of The Chanel Pour le Temps Promotional Video

I’ve been meaning to do a post about the preparation, wardrobe design, set design and all that fun stuff I’ve been working on for the filming of our promotional video shoot for The Chanel Pour le Temps Charity Fashion Show which was held at The Windermere Manor in London, Ontario on March 24th, 2012.

Now the video is finally done so here’s a collection of images of my sketches from the costume designs and some of the behind-the-scenes photos of the video shoot

Don’t laugh at my designs! It was my first attempt at costume sewing:P

Instagram makes everything look better! This is the original sketch of the canary-aqua costume for the cabaret scene of our Video Shoot, which was worn by Megan Dobbie, who coincidently, had turquoise hair to match the oufit<3

I call this the ringmaster outfit haha. Worn by Jennifer Tamse in the video

The Rouge Black costume with mini top hat worn by Melanie Richards

The vintage flapper inspired dress worn by Kelly Lovell, our "Coco Chanel" in the Cabaret scene

So I started off with a couple slips and bustiers that I found at my local Goodwill and Value Village stores, paired with basic boy-short panties from Forever 21

This is the completed of the "ring master" dress worn by Jennifer Tamse. My fav. is the headband and the rose details running along the middle, which I had made by buying rose pattern trim and then dyeing it turquoise:P

A regular sketch of the flapper girl dress that Kelly Lovell wore. The headpiece ended up changing a bit and I forgot about the pearls, but I think it worked out fine:)

This was the beginning of the flapper dress that Kelly Lovell wore. The high-waisted panties are from Forever 21 and they are sa-weeettt

The completed of the flapper dress finished with ivory fringe, and pink/magenta pleated ruffles and flowers

Another sketch of the canary-aqua outfit worn by Megan Dobbie. I wish I had a photo of the original bustier it started out as, it was really pretty!

The Canary-Aqua complete with matching feather boas and hair piece from Forever 21. I love the frilly details I added to the panties. This one is my personal fav:)

Zoomed in to see the bow details

This darn bow took a surprisingly long time to make. Inspired by Tarina Tarantino Anywhere-Clips, I made this using turquoise satin ribbon, swarovski flat-back rhinestones and a plastic baby blue and white cameo

A traditional style cabaret outfit made from a transparent rouge cami, embellished with black fringe, lace, frills and paired with eyelet lace shorts and a mini top hat

The rouge-black Moulin girl outfit worn by Melanie Richards. I forgot to put the neck piece on her in the video but I did like the little top hat. The lace trim shorts are from Sirens in Toronto, believe it or not!

My darling Jennifer Tamse behind her bar at APK Live. Thank you for providing us with the venue and for filling in as a model:) Love this girl to death!!! 🙂 Hair: Brayden Simpson, Makeup: Melanie Richards, Photography: Rob Cousins

The lovely Megan Dobbie in my canary-aqua cabaret outfit complete with hair piece and fringe earrings. What a coincidence that she had turquoise hair that day to match the oufit. Makeup by Melanie Richards Hair by Brayden Simpson Photography by Rob Cousins

Kelly Lovell plays Coco Chanel in the cabaret scene wearing my blue lace flapper dress with ivory fringe and vintage rose pleating. The outfit is complete with a sequin headband adorned with a baby pink ostrich feather, a satin flower and pearl accents

Our sexy Mama, Melanie Richards wearing my red and black outfit, perfectly matching her fiery locks!

The ever adorable Mitchell Aulius all dressed up and ready to watch our cabaret girls shake their tail feathers!

Our boys looking suave at APK as we prep for the Cabaret scene of the video shoot. Adrian Pech, on the left plays Arthur "Boy" Capel- Coco Chanel's lover

We're so lucky to have gained access to this gorgeous set. This is the "Rose Room" of Brescia University College in London, ON. I love my school ❤

Another blurry shot of the gorgeous Rose Room

Kokia Bennett plays "young Coco Chanel" who is visiting her mother's grave with a nun from the Orphanage

Kelly Lovell dressed up for "The First Outfit" and "My Fair Lady" scene of the video shoot. We are trying to depict Chanel's early days as a milliner and fashion designer who's approach was minimalistic, focusing on comfortable yet empowering clothes for women that were in fact inspired by menswear. One of the first things that Chanel made popular were "jhodpurs", pants for riding horses! This smart cookie recognized that it was terribly difficult to ride a horse wearing an enormous dress and corset, so she said "Hell with it! If men can wear trousers, so should women!" and changed the way women dressed forever.

A lovely shot of Kelly by Ruth featuring Coco Chanel in her early days working long hours in the cold. My singer and folding table were from kijiji!

Our model Kelly Lovell plays Gabrielle Coco Chanel. We have her seated on a set of marble stairs at Brescia University College to imitate the infamous steps at her Maison du Mode, 31 Rue Cambon in Paris

A gorgeous silhouette shot of Kelly as Coco Chanel in her signature pose with a cigarette in her hand

Chanel in the late 1970's-1980's near the end of the career. The remarkable woman maintained her hands-on approach to her business up until her last day.

Getting right in there with my favourite guy, Josh Litman.. mostly so I can boss him around

Behind the scenes

I like to call these my "Chanel bruises". Got this one from falling down the stairs at APK during the shoot haha

Giving this my all!

And that's a wrap! Kthxbai seeyoulater

Finally, here is our finished product- the Promotional Video to the Chanel Pour le Temps Charity Fashion Show for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness March 2012

Note: This video is intended as a tribute and is not in any way associated with the house of Chanel.

Josh Litman
Emily High-Fash

Josh Litman (http://actionpp.com)
Emily High-Fash

Josh Litman

Josh Litman

Emily High-Fash

Emily High-Fash

Emily High-Fash

Emily High-Fash

Emily High-Fash

Melanie Richards

Emily High-Fash
Brayden Simpson

La Noyée — Yann Tiersen
À Quai — Yann Tiersen
Le Moulin — Yann Tiersen

Coco Chanel — Kelly Lovell
Young Coco Chanel — Kokia Benett
‘Boy’ Capel — Adrian Pech
Woman with Young Coco — Emily High-Fash

Moulin Girls — Kelly Lovell as Coco Chanel
-Meagan Dobbie
-Jennifer Tamse
-Melanie Richards

Gentleman — Adrian Pech as Boy Capel
– Mitchell Aulis
– Rob Cousins
– Brayden Simpson
– Daniel Canavan

Chanel’s Model — Laura Rintjema

Norman J. Wilson Photography
Ruthless Images
Rob Cousins

Brescia University College
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
APK Live
Jennifer Tamse
Theatre Western

Cillian Ethan Barrows — Age 2 — Mitochondrial Disease Warrior

–An Action Potential Production–
…….. http://actionpp.com …….

CHANEL Pour le Temps Charity Fashion Show Website

Dive in or walk away

“If you’re just looking to dip your toes in to test the water, I’m the wrong girl to be messing with.”

Alexander McQueen SS10 Plato's Atlantis Promotional Campaign

Toronto Fashion Week FW 2012

Here is just a quick post with a gallery from Day 2 of Toronto Fashion Week March 2012. I got invited by my darling friend and model agent, Sammy Enrique to attend the Eva Chen Couture Show. Eva is from Vancouver and delivered a delightful show. There aren’t too many collections that I know where the beginning pieces are much stronger than the end pieces. I really loved Eva’s suits and jackets in the beginning of the show. The skirts with the eyelet lace insets were a wonderful touch to fall fashion for the working woman. I think some of the gowns looked rushed and incomplete. I’m not sure what Eva was trying to achieve with the red satin gown with the little moon-shapes all over it? Overall, I do think this was a very strong and elegant collection. The headpieces were charming. I’m hoping to see more suits by Eva as there is no doubt she is a wonderful tailor. She may need to spend a little more time working on some of those gowns though. Just my honest opinion.


My awesome Jeffrey Campbell Heel-less shoes and my very unfortunate dress that desperately needs ironing.
Photo shot by Emilie Young of The Dailyyy Routine Blog

Eva Chen Couture

The Dailyyy Routine

Widows of Culloden: The Hologram

I am going to have to come back to write a proper post about Alexander McQueen’s FW’06 Collection, Widows of Culloden, as there is such a beautiful yet heartbreaking story behind it. But for now, here is the infamous Kate Moss Hologram displayed at the end of the show- just a little insight in to the genius of  an artist the late Lee McQueen was.

There are several versions of these on YouTube but I decided to share these two. The first video consists of repetitions of the hologram to the Schindler’s List theme song by Itzhak Perlman. The second video is a shortened piece of the hologram but gives some insight in to what it looked like live at the FW ’06 show. I can’t even imagine the awe of the audience when this life-size hologram of the ever-enchanting Kate Moss began to form out of a white light from this mysterious pyramid on stage. I would have been so fascinated by that pyramid the entire show through… You could never know what Alexander McQueen was cooking up! And of course, the rebellious designer caused quite the fuss that year featuring a hologram of Moss right in the middle of her celebrity scandal. (Don’t even know what it was about, but does it matter?) Good thing she had her darling Lee at her back- that’s what friends are for! Right?

I shall be back at the end of my exams with the rest of this story!