Widows of Culloden: The Hologram

by emilyhighfash

I am going to have to come back to write a proper post about Alexander McQueen’s FW’06 Collection, Widows of Culloden, as there is such a beautiful yet heartbreaking story behind it. But for now, here is the infamous Kate Moss Hologram displayed at the end of the show- just a little insight in to the genius of  an artist the late Lee McQueen was.

There are several versions of these on YouTube but I decided to share these two. The first video consists of repetitions of the hologram to the Schindler’s List theme song by Itzhak Perlman. The second video is a shortened piece of the hologram but gives some insight in to what it looked like live at the FW ’06 show. I can’t even imagine the awe of the audience when this life-size hologram of the ever-enchanting Kate Moss began to form out of a white light from this mysterious pyramid on stage. I would have been so fascinated by that pyramid the entire show through… You could never know what Alexander McQueen was cooking up! And of course, the rebellious designer caused quite the fuss that year featuring a hologram of Moss right in the middle of her celebrity scandal. (Don’t even know what it was about, but does it matter?) Good thing she had her darling Lee at her back- that’s what friends are for! Right?

I shall be back at the end of my exams with the rest of this story!