Emily High-Fash in NYC: Day 1

by emilyhighfash

This is going to sound so cheesy, but I honestly believe I am so fortunate to have some of the most amazing friends in the world. My very dear friend, Dennis invited me to visit him in New York City for a couple days while he was working there. How could I turn down an offer to spend time with my darling friend and be in my beloved city of dreams? So there I was, Tuesday night, looking online for a bus ticket to NYC and in a couple hours of frenzied last-minute-packing and racing off to Toronto like my life depended on it, I found myself boarding the 22:50 Greyhound to NYC. Of course I had no idea where in NYC at the time because I was too rushed to read any of the details….

I arrived at the Port Authority station in Manhattan near Times Square by around noon after a 12+ hour bus ride on the greyhound. It was absolutely miserable, there were tons of sketchy people that got on the bus (especially in Buffalo.. lol) and the bus driver was just not nice. Customs gave me hell for not having a return ticket booked yet (I guess my fault for taking off to New York on a whim…), I didn’t get to eat for about 10 hours because I had no American Cash on me and the first two ATMs were broken… (Also deserved this for taking off on a whim)…but finally! After 12 miserable hours, the bus was going through the Lincoln Tunnel and my heart fluttered with excitement about what was at the end of that tunnel!

I got off the bus and took in a deep breath. Manhattan. Roasted peanuts, street meats, concrete and a mixture of everything else. The walk over to the Affinia where Dennis was staying was brief and the sweetheart had left a key for me at the front desk. Ive got a couple more pictures of the room coming in the next posts. The Affinia Manhattan is an older hotel but rich with beautiful decorations and classic chandeliers. The room we stayed in was super cozy and totally neat.  It came equipped with a full mini kitchen and a small living room area. I joked with Den that it would make the perfect starter house for our little family. The kids would have to sleep in the utility closet though..

After dropping my bags down and freshening up, I met up with Dennis on his lunch break on 7th Ave and then walked him back to work near Chelsea. The last time I was in New York City, I went to Chelsea Market for a fancy dinner at Morimoto, but all the shops were already closed. I was thrilled to get to visit all the cute little vintage clothing shops and bakeries inside of Chelsea. It’s one of my favourite not-so-secret underground markets in New York City.

After exploring Chelsea Market I wandered along West 14th and had one of those “I think I’ve been here before” moments. Me, being an idiot with remembering directions, was pretty impressed that I wandered myself in to the Alexander McQueen store in NYC. I spent quite a bit of time there admiring Sarah Burton’s SS 12 collection that is under-the-sea inspired with pearls and coral patterns. Accessories included pearl-embellished knuckle clutches and seashell-skull rings. It’s actually quite a lovely collection and I especially love that Burton is bringing back the full-head masks in this collection..but I’m still biased and it’s never going to be the same as Lee Alexander McQueen. Anyway, it wasn’t a surprise to me at all that at least one of the salespeople at McQueen was being a total snob to me. “Are you going to buy anything?” It makes me crazy when salespeople get all up and over their heads because they’re working at a store that sells expensive things but it’s not like they could afford any of it anyway. I have the right to try on every item in the store if I wanted to, and I don’t have any obligation to buy anything. I’m annoyed that the little bitch had to ruin my experience at one of my favourite Designer’s stores. She didn’t deserve my sale at all.

So after dropping more money than I actually have on my gorgeous baby pink and gold skull cuff bracelet… I got myself an MTA pass and took the subway over to Central Park. How lucky was I that it was such a gorgeous day for a walk in the park! All of my tiredness from being crammed in a bus seat for 12 hours disappeared and I just wanted to soak it all in. The park was packed with dog walkers and babies in strollers, bicycles and live music. It was just perfect! A photographer stopped me and snapped a couple pictures of me and also took some from my camera, well, Faustina’s camera (Thanks so much for letting me bring your cam to New York to snap all of my favourite things and places!). I wandered around mostly the perimeters of the park and ended up at John Lennon’s memorial, the Imagine circle. As always, and hopefully forever to come, it was decorated with a fresh arrangement of flowers and Lennon monuments. An old hippie lady sitting on a bench was selling and making crochet-things.. They weren’t bracelets, I don’t think.. just things.. And she had a cat wearing a crochet dress in a baby stroller and incenses burning. When I asked her what she was making, she responded to me, “History”. I wish I got a photo of this crazy lady with her crochet and her cat in a stroller but she wouldn’t let me unless I bought one of her things…

Hahah and that’s about it, I headed back to the hotel when it started to cool down and waited for Dennis to get off work and we grabbed a 1am dinner at Chevy’s Fresh Mex in Times Square:P

I’ll be posting pics and stories from my day 2-5, so stay tuned!! xoxoxo

Oh and of course, the song that accompanied me in my head for this entire trip:

You taste like whiskey when you kiss me. Oh, I’d give anything again to be your baby doll. This time I’m not leaving without yoü