Emily High-Fash in NYC: Day 2

by emilyhighfash

Oh man.. it is not going to be easy to put together a synopsis of my trip now that it’s been two weeks after the fact…I’ve been totally caught up with studying for exams that I’ve had no choice but to put this off…I’m going to try my best at remembering the details…

I woke up on my second day in New York City after a much-needed good night’s sleep after my unfortunate 12 hours on a bus the previous night and got right on my computer to start planning my day! Oh, btw, if anyone who reads this is staying at the Affinia in Manhattan.. their internet is a total rip-off! $62.00 for a week of TURTLE SPEED internet. Oh, and that fee is PER DEVICE. Seriously?? After a couple aggravated attempts at uploading pics to my blog, I gave up…but when even basic browsing got really slow I called reception and asked for ITS support and of course it wasn’t available and the poor girls at reception were absolutely not helpful… I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t have to cover that cost haha….I can still complain about it though, right?

I decided that Day 2 of my NYC trip was going to be Museum Day! So I spread my MTS map on the ground and marked off the places I wanted to visit for the day and put together my itinerary with directions and all…I posted it to Facebook and only had to do a little digging to find it:

Today’s Itinerary(April 5th)
1.Walk over to the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology
2. Meet my dahhllinn for lunch in Chelsea
3 .SoHo and surrounding areas of Downtown Manhattan (NoHo, China Town, Little Italy)
4. Metro uptown to Harlem’s Studio Museum
5. Head back down to Midtown to visit the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) – Pay-as-you-wish Thursdays from 6-9pm!
6. Back to the Affinia to work on my essay 😛
7. More Times Square exploring and up to the Empire State Building with Dennis Osborne ♥
 — at New York City.
I’m sure its no surprise that this was certainly a very ambitious itinerary and I didn’t get to do it all. I never made it up to Harlem for the Studio Museum… It was just too much of a trek from where I was (midtown by Times Square) and I obviously got way too caught up in SoHo that I spent most of my day there. Unfortunately I also didn’t get to have lunch with Dennis.. I don’t even know if he got a lunch break that day? And we never did go up to the Empire State Building. Poor Dennis would be so exhausted after work, we were lucky we got to have dinner together ❤
So I started my day by walking over to the FIT which was just a few blocks South on 7th. On the way, I decided to grab a bite to eat and found a totally random “Restaurant Diner Cafe” at the corner of 28th and 7th called “The Greek Corner” and I remember saying to myself… “I bet this is where locals eat!” So I decided to go in.. and let me say, it was the best decision of my entire trip! I sat up at the diner bar table and ordered myself a veggie burger. Apparently, somebody had messed around with the dials on the toaster and I just went hysterical that the chef completely burnt his toast twice. “This time I’ll watch it for you”, I told him..and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship lol! I left the restaurant saying I’d be back bright and early tomorrow morning to work the line in return for pancakes (I never actually woke up early enough for pancakes in my 5 days in New York:()
The FIT was pretty much across the street from my little Mexican-run Greek Diner and I visited the student Exhibit first where I was able to get a couple shots (At the very bottom of the gallery…keep scrolling…) Cameras were not allowed in the A-Z nor the IMPACT Exhibitions at the FIT but I took notes so I’ll have to try my best making sense of my scribbles and describing the garments to try to do justice to them!
Not surprisingly, one of the first things that caught my eye from the Musesum at FIT was a Coco Chanel gown from the 1920’s and I’ve been searching the depths of Google Images for a photo of it but I just can’t seem to find it (and i’m going mad). Alternatively, I found a gown from the 1920’s from the House of Worth(below) and the Chanel gown I am trying to describe had a similar silhouette especially with that beautiful shoulder-shawl piece except the Chanel gown was entirely black and silver ombre fringe with a V shape going on in the front.

I immediately drew a connection between the dress and Karl Lagerfeld’s FW 2011 Haute Couture Collection for the House of Chanel:

…And thanks to other rule breakers + some of the official photos from the Museum at FIT I was able to gather a couple photos of some of the highlights from the A-Z and IMPACT Exhibits ❤

Orange Silk Faille dress by Christian Lacroix Spring 2005

Charles James Emerald Satin Gown 1954
The structuring of this dress is unbelievable

Gianni Versace 1991 Marilyn Monroe and James Dean printed suit

Thierry Mugler 1987 silver dress. It reminds me of a shark. Gaga would approve.

Alexander McQueen (obviously) for Givenchy 1997

Kate and Laura Mulleavy for Rodarte Fall 2008: Hand-dyed silk gauze gown

A Beautiful and distinctive Prada Guipure Lace suit with a collar and peplum from the Fall 2011 collection

Part of the YOUTHQUAKE section of the Exhibit. A paper dress with Bob Dylan’s face printed on it. Minimalistic and affordable fashions took over the youth market through the 60’s and 70’s

The IMPACT exhibit downstairs at the FIT featured 50 years of iconic pieces by America’s Designers. I spy a Betsey Johnson gown! ❤

One of my favourite pieces from the gallery, a striking evening gown from Marchesa 2011

Okay wow this blog post is getting disproportionately lengthy… I’ll try to sum everything up. I wandered around my beloved SoHo for hours just window shopping, enjoying all of the gorgeous window displays, inhaling the city, the life, the people. In my gallery I’ve got a couple photos of some of my favourite windows. Evolution was one of the neatest little shops and I highly recommend you visit if you are in New York. I got the feeling that Lee McQueen would have really enjoyed a shop like that if he was around to see it. Oh and there was this mysteriously handsome man in the shop that looked a bit like Johhny Depp in ‘Dead Man’ with the hat and long coat and all, plus lennon-circle sunglasses. He was certainly a very intriguing beautiful stranger… Oh and about the A.I-less butterflies.. There was a single jar of one of those  butterflies at the cash desk and I had accidentally tapped it and this little butterfly started fluttering around so I said to the saleswoman, “Oh I’m sorry I think I woke up your butterfly” and she responded “Don’t worry, it doesn’t have much A.I.” and me being the confused dummy that I am just smiled awkwardly.. A couple minutes later I turned around and saw the entire shelf of those butterflies and realized they were battery powered -__-”

For a break, I found myself wandering in to a little restaurant-cafe called Santuary T and ordered myself a mocha and a nutella-banana crepe. If I ever visit again, I apparently have to try the 7 minute froot-loop flavoured Tea that the people at the table across from me were having. This was also where the mini con-artist made $20 from me by selling me nothing… But he said he’d get to go to 6 flags! Lesson: Emily doesn’t know how to say no to cute kids…

I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed that I picked the MAD over the Harlem Studio Museum because I didn’t really enjoy it all that much.. Perhaps I’m not enough of an artist to appreciate some of the galleries, and I apologize for my lack of experience in judging it but for one thing It was a very uncomfortable museum.. It was really stuffy and kind of humid in there and it was a lot smaller than I expected. The museum actually spanned 5 or 6 floors but each floor was just a little semi-circle. I feel like if I had gone at a time where the “Meet the Artists” Exhibit was open, it would have been more interesting for me. Nevertheless, I snapped a couple pictures from the gallery so perhaps someone can appreciate them more than I do.

Before heading “home” to the Affinia, I stopped at the Whole Foods Market in the Shops at Columbus Circle and picked up some Indian takeout and adorable Easter-themed petit fours to share with Dennis. The poor bug had to work so late again so we ended up staying in for cuddles and a movie instead of heading out ❤

If you got this far in reading my blog post, thank you, my friend! I will have Day 3, 4 and 5 up ASAP and I promise they won’t be as long as this one… 😛