Emily High-Fash in NYC: Day 3

by emilyhighfash

My third day in New York City was fairly random. I didn’t have an itinerary and I knew I couldn’t explore the city all day because I actually had some school work to do. When I tried to plug in my mac I freaked out because my power adapter wouldn’t respond so that pretty much determined the first adventure of the day… To the Apple store! It was such a lovely day that I decided to walk, but I didn’t really know where I was going…

For visual entertainment, I’ve drawn out a little map of my journey from the Affinia Manhattan (A) to the Apple Store (B).

doo dee doo deee doo

I relied on directions from the locals to find my way to the Apple Store and not surprisingly there were MANY inconsistencies in the stories. Apparently there are two apple stores? I ended up finding my way to the main NY store on 5th between 58th and 59th but my journey took over 3 hours with plenty of snack breaks and window browsing distractions, and the trip probably looked more like this:


Some of the stops that I made included:

  • P Luca for Barami: cute random store where I got my fantastic hat!
  • The Trump Building: Everytime I visit NYC I go to the Trump Cafe (totally random little fast food shop in the basement of the trump tower). I am now revealing to you New York’s Best Kept Secret, next to Century 21, is the Norwegian Smoked Salmon Sandwich on toasted marble rye from the Trump Cafe. It’s a 12 dollar sandwich and it will be the best 12 dollars you have ever spent on a lunch. Just imagine thick slices of smokey salmon stacked up 3 inches high between two slices of marble rye and cream cheese. Best thing ever. But here’s the catch: GET THERE EARLY! I got to the trump building  around 4pm and there were no more sandwiches left:((( (Why does this feel like an episode of Seinfeld?) I was pretty devastated. So now all I can do is dream about it until the next time I’m in New York D: D: D:
  • Magnolia Bakery: Got a text from a friend saying I should visit this bakery and I can see why! It was packed in there! I made the very tough decision of just choosing one treat and I got the key lime pie cheesecake. nom nom:)
  • Louis Vuitton on 5th Ave.: I’m really not much of a louis girl. Not that I could afford one of the purses, but even if I could, I don’t know that I would get one. But remember my Ice Cream Parlour post about Louis Vuitton’s SS12 collection back in February? I was so enchanted by the carousel-themed displays in the window of Louis Vuitton that I just had to go in and let me say this was a rather interesting experience. I was pleasantly surprised that the staff were very welcoming and polite to all the guests that walked through the door, which is very refreshing considering all the snooty eye-rolling I’ve gotten from some of the other higher-end stores. The first floor was entirely purses- classic Louis Vuitton Monogram bags, and it was hands down the busiest floor. One lady, a tourist I assume, paid for her Louis in cash. It was quite a vision! Picture a saleswoman leafing through thousands of dollars in cash stacked up 6 inches tall. I asked one of the associates where the Spring Collection was and they pointed up, and boy I did not realize how much up I had to go. Second floor was luggage, third floor was Mens, and finally the 4th floor was Women’s. I was slightly disappointed that I had to climb all those steps to only get to see about a quarter of the Spring Collection. I guess the 5th ave. store is accustomed to tourists that are only interested in the monogram bags that theres no point displaying the whole collection? It was too bad, because I would have certainly appreciated seeing all the pieces. Oh well!
  • Bloomingdales: A shopping mall of designer stores. Basically a whole lot of eye candy ❤

When I finally arrived at the Apple Store in all it’s glass-wall glory, I was horrified to realize I’d have to spend the next however long in this sardine tin. Thank goodness the air circulation was adequate but I can’t imagine how anybody would ever want to work there. I was overwhelmed with claustrophobia within 2 minutes of being in there…So of course I got my appointment with the genius bar and waited 20 minutes for them to tell me that nothing was wrong with my power adapter. Apparently all I had to do was reconfigure the power settings on my Mac… yay.. Oh well at least they were really nice! Which they always are, thanks Apple:)

All the way back to the Affinia I went, got some work done, and to my surprise, Dennis got off work early! Yay!!! We made plans to meet with my friend Cynthia who was also visiting New York for the Easter weekend from Palm Beach. We met at a comedy club where I got that photo with the Jerry Seinfeld wall painting for my Seinfeld-obsessed roommate, Abbey and took some pictures beside the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty (not actually though) for our mutual friend, Ivy ❤ After a little bit of exploring Times Square in efforts of getting our drunken friend Cynthia back to her group of friends, Dennis and I grabbed a 1am dinner at Dallas BBQ and then headed back to the Affinia! Goodnight!