Emily High-Fash in NYC: Day 4

by emilyhighfash

Day 4 in Manhattan was again fairly aimless. I wanted to take some time to snap more photos of my beloved city and re-visit some of my favourite places, namely Chelsea Market and SoHo.

I woke up early enough (for once) and was excited to be able to walk Dennis to work! Yay! After a bit of shooting around Chelsea, I stopped by my home away from home again, The Greek Corner, and apologized that I had not been back in 2 days. The manager, Ricardo was so excited to see me, he made me coffee and kept trying to make me stay lol. As you can see in the pictures, he has an admiration for my fashion accessories and makes a pretty good model for them too.

In the afternoon I checked my email and found out that NewMindSpace was having their annual city-wide pillow fight at Washington Square Park so I headed downtown to try to find the park. On my way there, I got chased down by a photographer who ran in front of me and started snapping photos lol… He introduced himself to me as Kamel Lahmadi, from Paris, a street-fashion photographer with a blog called Style and the City and he even has his own iPhone app.! Pretty neat stuff 🙂 After a couple shots he joined me in my search for Washington Square Park to check out the pillow fight also.

I got back to the hotel fairly early as my feet finally gave in to all the walking in my J. Campbell Str8up’s and made myself a bubble bath out of 5 bottles of hotel-sized shampoo which I found by raiding the maid’s supply closet 😮 Dennis finished work early so we headed over to Little Italy for a lovely walk and an even lovelier dinner<3

A Video of the pillow fight: