Another round of FIC!!

by emilyhighfash

Oooh the Fashion Industry Confessions blog is just too too good! I’m going through every single one that’s been published and saving my favs here!

Amen. Sorry Sarah Burton.

Lara Stone: 1, Lindsey Wixson: 0

Sorry Anja, but it’s true!

Hate is much too harsh. I would never hate someone I don’t even know. I’m just tired of this face… the same way I grew tired of Coco Rocha. Next, please.

Her and Blake Lively should swap stylists, since Leighton is the prettier one. Perhaps then Blake will finally start to disappear from my fashion mags.

dollface era ftw.

me too

“sarah burton isn’t doing well on sales and she can’t survive on selling scarves for the rest of her mcqueen career.”

poor sarah.