Summer Projects: Pop Art Katie

by emilyhighfash

As a thank you to my best friend Katie for allowing Pat and I stay in her apartment over the summer, I painted a pop-art version of my favourite photo of her and her pup, Tika Moosa Lova (a.k.a Spark). Thank you to my roomie, Abbey for the idea!

To get the image into 3 or 4 levels, I used the “cut out” filter on Adobe Photoshop. For more detail, you could choose more levels, but I think past 4 or 5 levels you start to lose that Warhol-ish effect. Next you assign a colour for each level, and then you can start painting!

As you can tell, I’m not much of an artist.. It was relatively easy, but I should have done it on a larger canvas… (I just used what I found in the closet :P) It was really hard to make Tika look like Tika with the Dollarama brushes I was using…. I probably won’t be doing another one of these any time soon…unless you’re as awesome as Katie and I wanted to give you a present.

P.S: Sorry for the shit quality of these photos. I used my phone cam….

The original photo of Katie and her dog, Tika. I love it so much!!!

A scaled print-out of the image I would be replicating with coloured levels.

Mixing the paints. I chose 4 levels, so 4 shades of purple. For more of a “Warhol” effect, you could use complimentary colours instead of shades.

Tracing and filling in

The completed piece! Can you tell it’s Katie?

Reunited with the actual thing!

I just had to mention that while I was working on this blog entry, I found this awesome post with a tutorial on how to achieve the Andy Warhol Pop-Art effect using Photoshop. It’s far more sophisticated and looks super fun, so I’ll be giving that a try one of these days!