Final Art Project – Inspiration Board

by emilyhighfash

For the final project of my Studio Art class, I am to make 3 collages that must be linked by some theme and be inspired by some form of classical art. Additionally, the first collage must demonstrate representation, the second collage must demonstrate abstraction or surrealism and for the last collage, we must use more than one type of media, one of which we are to create ourselves (a painting or drawing).

After my trip to the Art library, I was really inspired by Grinling Gibbons carvings and the illuminated halos and details in the Christian book of Hours.

My first Collage is going to be about Fashion as Religion. My second one is going to show the true but dark side of fashion (ironically it’s the one that will demonstrate surrealism…) and I’m calling it “Fashion Apocalypse”. The last one will be a portrait with a couple of really neat techniques that I’ve been doing some research on. I don’t want to give away too much more, especially since there is a good chance something will change or not turn out. But just for fun, here are some images that are inspiring my project: