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Month: December, 2012

Only here to love

So come to me, angel
I heard it’s bright out there
I just don’t know how to get there
But I swear, I’m only here to love
I’m only here to love


But seriously, what else would I be up to at 3 in the morning? I’ll let this beautiful voice lull me to sleep. Thanks, Alex.

Chris Von Wangenheim

I feel like this is what Terry Richardson tries to achieve but Von Wagenheim made it look like high fashion whereas Richardson makes it look like pornography.

Missed the wave…

Well, I wish I was 15. FML.


Sarah Bitchton

Well I’ve been biting my tongue about Sarah B. and trying to give the woman some respect, just because she did in fact work with Lee when he was alive. But this does it. It is now war between Alexander McQueen and “McQ” by Sarah Burton or whatever she wants to call it. Whenever I refer to Alexander McQueen, I am only talking about pre-FW2010



Baby, I’m a fucking wild card.


Women Seeing Women Pt. 2

A collection of images shot by female photographers featured in a book called “Women Seeing Women”┬áNot all of the images here are from the book, but the photographers are. The link above takes you to the first part of my post, featuring Deborah Turbeville’s work.



All I can say is, Amen.


I need you to hold all of the sadness I can not