on a mission to find the greatest love in the universe

Month: March, 2013

Self Portrait Collage

One of my favourite projects from my visual arts studio class was a self-portrait collage from October-November. It was a two-part assignment with the first part being an in-class paint mixing tutorial. Basically we sat in front of a mirror and had to learn to mix paints to match the colours in our skin tones using only pure red, pure yellow, pure blue and cold red, cold yellow, cold blue and white. The colour “swatches” we made in class were to be torn up or cut up and pieced together to make a mosaic of our faces (Part 2).

I’ve been meaning to post the “making-of” photos from this painstaking 40+ hour project for a while now but kept forgetting..  but here they are now!

Funeral Canticle

On a mission to find the greatest love in the universe

Horn of Plenty Watercolor

What I do when I can’t sleep at night…


My tiny workstation



One day I will be able to composition without gridlines!!!



Almost done!



Trying not to touch it anymore 😡



Women Seeing Women Pt. 3

More photographs by the artists featured in photography book “Women Seeing Women”. Can I just say Louise Dahl Wolfe was the fashion photographer extraordinaire of her time? God I wish I was alive in the 1950s to witness her work in Harper’s Bazaar.

Part 1

Part 2


I am soooo obsessed with this dainty and slightly tacky little flower!!!

What could you possibly see in me?