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Month: June, 2013

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at the Kalamazoo State Theatre

I really wanted to do something special for my favourite band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros when I saw them at the Kalamazoo State Theatre in Michigan so I got the very ambitious idea of making them cookies of all the band members. Thank goodness for Gwen, the whole drawing, cutting, baking and decorating process only took 12 hours. After about 2 hours of sleep, we braved the 4 hour journey to Kalamzoo! And I managed to not get lost! When we arrived at the venue we were an hour and a half early and there was already a line up. I decided to take a walk around and chatted with Todd Fink of The Giving Tree Band without knowing who he was (oops). He was such a sweetheart though, and liked the cookie idea. I ended up finding Crash who helped me bring the cookies inside. Thanks buddy! I was so glad that everybody from the band seemed to really enjoy the cookies. And they remembered me as Emily High-Fash! So amazing! Thank you so much for such a beautiful experience. I can’t even begin to describe how much I appreciate each and every one of you. You guys give me EVERYTHING with your music. It fills my soul up to the brink, and just when I think I’m about to burst, I get an experience like this and it exceeds everything I can ever imagine. It blows my mind how generous and down to earth these people are. It sort of makes me forget that they are also really famous grammy-award winners. In the words of my darling Katie Baron: This World, The Craziest.

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NYC + Governors Ball: Day 2

Katie and I woke up to the sun shining in through our window on Day 2 of the Governors Ball, and needless to say, we were ecstatic! We started our day by going to the laundromat to dry off our drenched clothes and shoes from the day before, and after a hearty breakfast, it was off to the ball for us! This was quite obviously the day I was most looking forward to, as my favourite band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros would be playing at 5:45 at the “You’re Doing Great!” Stage. On our schedule this day was: The Rubens, Griz, Ms Mr, Dirty Projectors, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Animal Collective and Kings of Leon for Katie. I decided to skip out on a couple shows to stay at the You’re Doing Great Stage, because of course, I had to be front row. And front row I was. I made some friends with other EdSharpe fans and the security guard, Mike was a total sweetheart. I saw Dirty Projectors for the first time and quite enjoyed them. Finally, my favourite people ever made their way on to the stage and the crowd went wild. They opened with 40 Day Dream and closed with Om Nashi Me. During 40 Day, I managed to throw a present up on stage for Jadey (There was unfortunately, a huge gap between the stage and the barricade). I was sooo happy that Jadey wore the headdress I made her throughout the entire show. At one point I passed a card up to Alex and he asked if I was Emily and I said yes and Jadey said that they remembered me. It was a pretty magical moment…. I also managed to pass a present over to the trumpeter, Stewart Cole, when I noticed him peeping over the fence during Animal Collective. I think he looked pretty rad in my daisy shades:) Anyway, no one want so read about my loser fangirlism, so please enjoy the pictures. I’ve added a couple pictures below of the hand-made headdresses that I made- One for me, one for Jadey as well as some photos that I found from online reviews of the show:)


Hand made clay-rose headdresses for Jadey and myself:)

All handmade!

All handmade!

Gave the top pair to Nora (don't know if she got them=\), the middle pair to Pico, and kept the bottom ones for myself!

Gave the top pair to Nora (don’t know if she got them=\), the middle pair to Pico, and kept the bottom ones for myself!

NYC + Governors Ball: Day 1

Here are some photos from the day before and Day 1 of the Governor’s Ball on Randall’s Island, New York City…So on Thursday Morning, I took the bus to Manhattan, met up with Katie and we spent the day venturing around Chelsea Market and SoHo. Friday was the first of 3 days of the Governor’s Ball. On our list, we had planned to see: Pacific Air, Bear Mountain, Polica (Although we ended up seeing The Knocks), Dinosaur Jr., Best Coast, Of Monsters and Men, Local Natives, Feist and Beach House. Mother nature was a little bit cruel and decided to rain on our parade, literally, for over 10 hours. After the first hour or two in the pouring rain, we ditched our shoes and barefooted the rest of the festival. Katie totally enjoyed walking around in mud and worms, but it made my belly turn. The first day came to an unfortunately premature end when Feist’s stage was in danger of being hit by lightening and her sound equipment was failing under the unbearable weather conditions. With the blow of a conch and an apologetic bow, Feist and her team were forced to discontinue their show. Assuming the festival was coming to an end, Katie and I made the hard decision to miss Beach House (:(((() and head home to our AirBNB place in Astoria, Queens. However, trying to flag a cab in the mass exodus of concert-goers escaping the rain was like a scene out of an apocalypse movie…It just wasn’t going to happen. So we braved the 1 hour+ walk back across the bridge and thankfully, we survived.

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Prada SS13 Sunnies

Prada SS13 Sunnies

Prada SS13 Sunnies

Prada SS13 Sunnies