NYC + Governors Ball: Day 1

by emilyhighfash

Here are some photos from the day before and Day 1 of the Governor’s Ball on Randall’s Island, New York City…So on Thursday Morning, I took the bus to Manhattan, met up with Katie and we spent the day venturing around Chelsea Market and SoHo. Friday was the first of 3 days of the Governor’s Ball. On our list, we had planned to see: Pacific Air, Bear Mountain, Polica (Although we ended up seeing The Knocks), Dinosaur Jr., Best Coast, Of Monsters and Men, Local Natives, Feist and Beach House. Mother nature was a little bit cruel and decided to rain on our parade, literally, for over 10 hours. After the first hour or two in the pouring rain, we ditched our shoes and barefooted the rest of the festival. Katie totally enjoyed walking around in mud and worms, but it made my belly turn. The first day came to an unfortunately premature end when Feist’s stage was in danger of being hit by lightening and her sound equipment was failing under the unbearable weather conditions. With the blow of a conch and an apologetic bow, Feist and her team were forced to discontinue their show. Assuming the festival was coming to an end, Katie and I made the hard decision to miss Beach House (:(((() and head home to our AirBNB place in Astoria, Queens. However, trying to flag a cab in the mass exodus of concert-goers escaping the rain was like a scene out of an apocalypse movie…It just wasn’t going to happen. So we braved the 1 hour+ walk back across the bridge and thankfully, we survived.