Care for tea?

VOSS is a fashion-music-art blog run by Emily High-Fash: a slightly eccentric and totally adorable Alexander McQueen-obsessed blonde kid from Toronto with an insatiable appetite for all the beautiful wonders of the world.

Welcome to my cozy corner here in the great big world-wide-web, where I’d like to share a little bit about my fashion inspirations, my personal wardrobe and the songs that are playing on repeat in my head. I’d like to use this blog to express my appreciation for fashion and art and music but obviously my tastes are subjective. In my corner, there is a certain list of banned items including but not limited to UGG boots, Ed Hardy, Neon coloured Houndstooth and cast members of the Twilight Saga. Also in my corner, everything that I wear is totally awesome… why else would I post pictures of what I’m wearing if I thought otherwise?

I’ll probably also talk a bit or a lot about the fashion show that I am organizing, Chanel Pour le Temps.

Toodles for now!