FashionATP is a Creative-Projects Network that aims to bring together local artists of every form to collaborate on charitable projects. ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate and it is responsible for the transportation of energy to be metabolized in cells. More simply put, FashionATP is my geeky way of marrying my love for fashion projects with my passion in raising awareness about genetic disorders, especially Mitochondrial Disease.

At present, FashionATP is only a little seed but I’m working on bringing this project of mine in to full throttle by Spring 2013.

FashionATP is dedicated to a special little boy, Cillian Ethan Barrows (click on the link to read about Cillian’s story) who lost his battle to Mitochondrial Disease at the age of 2 in June 2012. It all started out in 2010 with the diagnosis of his terminal illness which inspired me to organize a Charity Fashion Show at my University to raise funds and awareness for his disease. Since then, I have successfully coordinated two annual charity fashion shows in association with MitoCanada to help raise awareness about Cillian’s disease. Over the past two years, I have had had the privilege of working with local designers, artists, models, photographers, and stylists on my charity-fashion initiatives and together we have been able to bring my vision to life.

FashionATP is going to be about refining what I have already been working on, forming an organized network for artists to find each other and collaborate on bigger projects that simply could not be done by an individual. FashionATP will be strictly non-profit and run by volunteers. The projects that I lead will mainly focus on fashion and raising awareness about Mitochondrial Disease, but I am excited to see what other charities we may collaborate with!

I am currently working on a website for FashionATP, but in the meantime, feel free to check out my most recent past project: the Chanel Pour le Temps Charity Fashion Show

Green ribbons for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness at the Chanel Pour le Temps Charity Fashion Show, March 24, 2012.